Phoenician-Lebanese fact sheet

2011 m. gegužės 20 d., penktadienis

Phoenician-Lebanese Fact sheet

Today we have seen how the world politicians and media are addicted to the Arab oil money and they can hide the truth for that purpose.
The word Arab is not a country, it is an Arabphone just like Francophone or Soviet union (Arab Union) and so on. The truth is that Arab belong to the tribes of Saudia Arabia and the Syrian desert. Lebanon and Lebanese are the real Phoenician People for many reasons, despite the fact that there is no tree up without roots to hold it, the same thing with the Phoenician history is the root for Lebanese people and it is in their blood(DNA). we all understand the need for the Arab market and membership to servive in the region, but this is not a reason to hide the real identity and to the world children about the real Phoenician heritage. The Phoenician are very unique people for some people it is hard to understand or difficult to translate, but I can tell you if the Greek and Jews are there, so the Phoenicians too, we are on the east cost of the Mediterranean from the land of the Cedars and we are the Phoenicians, despite all the political conspiracy against the Phoenician-Lebanese people and its nation nation by many from east or west.
The truth is clear when you talk about it. The United Phoenician Party does support our membership with the Francophone, Arabphone and the need to apply for the commonwealth membership, but this doesn't mean that we are French, Arab or English We are the Phoenicians and it is in our blood to build, create communities, culture, Alphabet, economy, and strong relations among mankind for better future in this world, like our ancestor did in the past, our children continue to do so in the present.

Support our Phoenician heritage Today and tomorrow by telling every one around you without fear that you are the Phoenicians.

Thank you,
This message approved by the United Phoenician Party

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